Other Writings

I have been writing about the culinary landscape of the Galilee since 2007:

Foraging With the Bedouins of Galilee – Gastronomica Magazine, Winter 2007

Northern Israel’s Mediterranean Soul – Wine Spectator Magazine, June 30, 2008

An Interview with Erez Komarovsky – Gastronomica Magazine, Fall 2008

A Day of Harvesting in the Galilee– Lilith Magazine, Winter 2009

Roasting Green Wheat in Galilee– Gastronomica Magazine, Summer 2011

Feeding Love and Peace – S. Africa Sunday Times, August 19, 2012

El Babour – A Functioning Wheat Mill in the Nazareth Market -Published in the Proceedings of  the 2014 Oxford Symposium on Food and Cookery.

Timeless Farming in the Galilee – Farming Magazine, Fall 2014

What I Learned About Ancient Traditions of Local Eating in the Galilee from my Arab Friends – Naamat Woman Magazine, Winter 2015

Intensive Arabic – Naamat Woman Magazine, Summer 2015


Writings about me:

The Promised Land – Saveur Magazine, May 2013

L’incontro possibile – Popoli Magazine (Italian), May 2014

All Roads Lead to the Mill – Haaretz Supplement (Hebrew), August 22, 2014

All Roads Lead to the Mill – Haaretz Supplement (English), August 29, 2014

Listing for Arum – The Oxford Companion to Food