Professional Writing, Personal and Organizational Histories

Abbie Rosner – Professional Communications


I find no greater satisfaction than collaborating with clients to express their core messages in elegant and compelling prose.


For over 25 years I have been providing strategic communications services to a broad range of clients – from academic institutions and non-profits to biomedical start-ups.

I specialize in translating complex concepts into language that is accessible to lay readers.

This skill is evident in the Annual Reports I have written for Rambam Health Care Campus, northern Israel’s largest hospital.

I also have extensive experience writing LOIs, grant proposals, and grant reports for non-profits, with a keen eye towards understanding funders’ goals and specifications.

A grant proposal I wrote on behalf of MSR Medical Simulation Center led to $2.4 Million in funding for a major capital expansion project.

And I specialize in donor stewardship, writing the kind of authentic and heartfelt messages that are essential for such communications.

On behalf of directors of non-profits, I draft personal letters to key donors, messages for social media, and talking points for presentations, among others.

As a ghost-writer, I work with clients to articulately express their messages under their own names.

A letter to the editor I recently wrote on behalf of a client was published in the Tampa Bay Times, and re-printed as Letter of the Month. 

I have a collaborative, generous work-style, and bring fresh ideas and good spirit to any meeting of the minds.

Drop me an email and let’s discuss your communications interests!


Abbie Rosner – Personal and Organizational History Writing

A personal history documents highlights of a life fully lived, and creates an invaluable resource to be shared with family and friends, and passed down through the generations.

Documenting the important events of your life can be enjoyable, challenging and lead to profound insights.  If you are ready to embark on this journey of self-discovery, but don’t know where or how to begin, I can help.

As an experienced professional writer and author, I work with individuals and organizations to transform their stories into a publishable manuscript or book.


Organizational Histories

Documenting the accomplishments of an organization and its leadership is a source of pride, and also contributes essential information to the historic record.  If your organization has reached an important milestone, publishing an organizational history can celebrate this achievement in a broader context.

With extensive experience interviewing organizational leaders and communicating their messages, I am uniquely qualified to produce compelling organizational histories that can be shared with staff, clients, board members and shareholders.

Don’t hesitate to contact me and let’s discuss how to get started on writing your story.