bedouin w.herd

Not everyone is able to witness firsthand traditional foodways in the stunning Galilee countryside, just as they are on the verge of disappearing…

This is an opportunity to invite Abbie Rosner to present a fascinating photo/lecture highlighting the agricultural landscape of the Galilee and the people who practice traditional foodways in timeless ways.

Suitable for groups touring in Israel, synagogue or church groups, foodies, and anyone interested in connecting to the sustaining powers of this extraordinary land.

Tracing the Local Foods of the Galilee to the Sources – A visual introduction to the unique landscape of the Galilee, showing Biblical foodways as they are practiced today.  45 minutes plus questions and a tasting of a Galilee treat

El Babour – A Functioning Wheat Mill in the Nazareth Market – presented at the 2014 Oxford Symposium on Food and Cookery.

Preparing and Preserving Local Galilee Foods – A visual overview of how local foods like olives, carob, wheat and figs continue to be processed and preserved as they have been for thousands of years.  45 minutes plus questions and a tasting of a Galilee treat

Dialogue over Food as a Bridge Across the Jewish-Arab Divide – An exploration of my own, life-transforming  discovery that talking about food with Arab men and women is a way to overcome fear and suspicion, and a first step to build friendship and trust.