A New Article in Gastronomica

Over a year has passed since Ron, Balkees and I helped harvest green wheat to make farike.  After that amazing experience, I wrote an article which was accepted for publication in Gastronomica magazine – that very fine journal of food and culture that is put out by UC Press.  The article was accepted in the early summer – to be published in the Summer 2011 issue.  At the time, it seemed like an eternity away, but here we are and the journal is out, and here is a link to my article:


Unfortunately, Gastronomica is not available at most news-stands, unless you happen to be in NYC – but it is well worth the effort of trying to find a copy.  So many curious and gifted people are turning their attention to the world of food – beyond the realm of recipes – and the articles and photos in the magazine stimulate much more than just your appetite. 



  1. Erik Berrevoets (Brisbane, Australia) says:

    Dear Abbie
    I very much enjoyed your article! What an interesting and diverse part of the world you live in. Among other things I am very interested in the history of beekeeping and honey.
    Best wishes, Erik